At Strafford 1st Assembly we embrace that Jesus empowered His people to cast out demons in His name.  At times through outside sources or simply our own actions we can give open door to the enemy to begin to operate, limit, or weigh us down in our walk.   The plan of God is for us to be completely free.  Pastor K.C. has been used in several instances to see freedom come to those that have had demonic activity in/around people.  We also have people within the congregation that are trained to deal with just that.  If you believe you are in need of deliverance feel free to come up for prayer during a service or call so that we can set up a special meeting with you.  Deliverance is not just for the lost.  Jesus wants you to be completely free.  We encourage you not to spend another day in bondage.  Contact us and under the authority and power of Jesus begin your journey to freedom today!